I, Red Mage

This was going to be a considerable rant post, up until recently where things just took my mind away from it. General recap off my pissed-off-dom from a reply I made to a post in the Alla Red Mage forums:

“This becomes an issue for me only when you consider our core competencies: Enfeebling and Enhancing magic (our only pure specialities on paper) are somewhat flawed when considering other non-support role jobs’ ability to enfeeble/enhance (WHM BLM NIN and BLU come into mind) certainly for lower monsters.”

After several days of feeling generally useless (a pretty gimp white mage lands silence on a Porrogo… while I look like some kind of noob) seeing Blue Mage get a new JA that surely should have been ours (B+ Enhancing Magic skill, no Enhancing Seal… right.) I know that any increase in our abilities and spells would break the balance. I’m not a complete fool, its just… hard sometimes when you get the best gear you can possibly strive for (I have a LONG way to go before ill be happy) and somebody does what you should do best without any thought or effort.

Well, that’s over. On to my news.

Nyzul Isle Assault!

Made a few runs to check this out. I needed to bump my Mercenary Rank up anyway, and this has some very interesting possibilities. We failed to reach Floor 5 (where you can save your progress) but I still enjoyed it. Seems like a few “unlucky” floors and its all over ; ; I would love to reach Floor 20 and check out the HNMs there, and possibly get a drop on these babies.

Yep yep… I know arent 100% drop, and getting a group up to increments of level 20 AND beating a HNM is looking dicey, but I think it would be worthy 😀

Dynamis! Start again!

Ah some emo drama. Been a while I must admit. After a long time of discontent within TINALS members, the lid finally blew on the situation. People have left (some permanent, some temporarily) so I decided it was time to try and fix things. Using your own initiative is sometimes hard to do, especially when you don’t know how people will react, but so far things appear to be going well. Basics like a working points list and fair run rotation are staples of any linkshell, but we somehow lost that and just wandered aimlessly from Xarcabard run to Xarcabard run. So I went ahead and did it. Couldn’t stand the apathy anymore ._.

So, if your reading this, are level 70+ Rank 6 and have an interest in making new friends, working to get some great rewards (theres still nothing more pimp than AF2 armour imo) then check us out. Disregard the bad things you may have heard. We are starting again, fresh and with a proper infrastructure now ^^

Everything thats good in the game for me came from joining ThisIsNotALinkshell. My friends, my social LS… you name it. I hope people understand how cool a thing we have and continue to fight! The Spartans never gave up did they?! 😉

Our URL:  ThisIsNotALinkshell Or you can /tell me and ill fill you in on the details.

Til next time, adios ^^